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    Bruce - those are awesome gifts and probably some of the most interesting info I've seen in awhile. Glad you shared with us and just as glad to hear that Roger and his wife are out and about. We was a bit worried there for awhile.
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    Pickett/Fentress County, Tn - Any day on this side of the grass is a good day. -Chuck-


    • 2ndoldman
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      Add me to the list of those who were concerned Chuck.

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    Wow Bruce. I just read that post. Great to hear that our "pal across the pond" is well. Nice gifts indeed and that Neanderthal piece is definitely rare on our side of the pond....great post...
    The chase is better than the catch...


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      Oh great I love it ...I am in 🤙
      What a great idea !


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        I owe gregszybala an apology his gift to me was fantastic but I I re-gifted I played Johnny apple seed and gave some not all to people that showed interst a boy that went with a smile on his face said awesome a girl that with a tooth missing grin and said thank you so for me Christmas has lasted
        Look to the ground for it holds the past!


        • gregszybala
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          Small children, I forgive you Chase. Share the wealth, wonder and knowledge

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        Hope this comes around again this year ,,,, would love to participate
        As for me and my house , we will serve the lord

        Everett Williams ,
        NW Arkansas


        • Kyflintguy
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          It definitely should it really was a blast!

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        Please do not send me addresses now. We will do this again . Worked out nice last year. We will make a new post in November inviting everyone to join in. I will be moving again in the not to distant future and I do not want to loose any info between now and november.i have a lot on my mind right now so please be patient it will happen
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