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farm implement?

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  • farm implement?

    I found this in the republican river after walking past it several times. it appears to be a chopping or digging tool. was it mounted or hafted or what?

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    Well, you might ought to have walked past it one more time, as it appears to be a naturally eroded rock. It does not resemble any known artifact type or tool.


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      thanks but its obviously a tool of some sort as it has flaking all around the edge of the protruding part. theres no question that its an artifact


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        Mother nature does some strange stuff, but I would lean towards erosion, I have actually pulled rocks from Beech Creek here in NE Ohio that I thought were starts or incompleted pipes because they had two holes started in them. But just mother nature. I have studied non point artifacts as an interest and have never seen any implement of stone that even simulates that, so I would lean towards geofact. Just my opinion though.


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          Mother Nature is erosion by water, and freezing/thawing, and wind, pressure, heat, cold, and even breaking by animals.  When you find a rock, it has had millions of years of natural action to shape and alter it.
          There are people that have found all kinds of shapes in natural rocks; it is like finding animals in clouds. But unless a rock has the tool signatures and is a recognizable type of tool, it is a geofact.