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MN Possible scraper attempt? Carnelian, Chert?

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  • MN Possible scraper attempt? Carnelian, Chert?

    This was found on a gravel bar along a river in southern Minnesota. Thoughts? Attempted tool? Click image for larger version  Name:	tool.png Views:	1 Size:	672.9 KB ID:	273300
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    sergeir, welcome to from a fellow up in the central part of the state

    you,like i,are living in a very poor lithic area. so looking for stuff made from quartz and quartzite puts you on the right track right away.

    but to me that looks like the flakes that were knocked off were from natural tumbling and not intentional flakes taken by man
    all though if i had it in hand i might be able to tell better,as it is hard to look at pics of quartz/quartzite and be 100% doesnt show flakes very well,especially in pics


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      I am not seeing a scrpaer pretty looking rock for sure. Being a gravel bar find I tend to agree with Sneaky coule be busted up from river tumble.
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        That's some gorgeous material & Id keep it just for the color. Or tumble it & make something from it.
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