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    A long time ago we had a chat room. I think it would be nice to have one again. Any thoughts ?
    east Tx.

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    I will look into it Rodney. I think on Joomla it was working well then when we moved to Kunena it still worked but members found that one difficult to navigate . The use fell by the wayside and we could not find anything compatible with the new platform.
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      That was fun, we could give each other all kinds static, jokes, ribbing in near real time.
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        Right !

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      Unfortunately, there are no official add-ons for vBulletin 5 (the software we are using) which will provide a chat room. It can only be provided via a third-party add-on, for which vBulletin won’t provide any technical support.

      Some vBulletin users have been running the modestly-priced “vBShout” from DragonByte but they have struggled to keep it working each time vBulletin has had a significant update. Currently, I understand the latest version of vBShout either doesn’t run or has missing features and is unstable on the most recent version of vBulletin.

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        Oh well, it was a thought .
        east Tx.


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          You could use a running "Chat" thread....anyone on can pop in, etc. Works like a chat room....??
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            I remember Rock Talk !
            Lubbock County Tx