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How to make the creek more sweet to hunt?

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  • How to make the creek more sweet to hunt?

    Can anyone explain how to properly dig into a rock bed of a creek? I've heard parallel do again is the best and I've seen floating sifters used by the ditch Walker on YouTube and he found some killer points that way. As always I appreciate any response
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    Obviously it should be property that is yours or someone that gave you permission to do so. Sifters floating is more of a bonus as convenience, but as far as which way it might be like eating a reeses peanut butter cup. I personally wouldn't do it unless the opposing bank was eroding too bad.

    So probably someone with experience could give better advice about it than me but just thoughts about it.


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      Here is what I use take a shovel and load it and shake.and make sure you check it very good.oh and there has to be somewhere arrowheads would be in a creek.its really a no brianer.


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        digging a gravel bar or a pile of creek rocks is a job but sometimes it can pay off big time. i like digging a pile at the front and starting at the side the water is running by. i will pick some of the bigger stones or chunks of clay out of the way then take a bucket and slosh water on it, check it good and slosh it some more working into it. does better if the creek water is running fast enough to help. i got one of them old timey 5 pronged rakes with teeth about 4 or 5 inches long, it does good for picking stuck rocks. just go very slow so as not to rake over the top of something or claw it up. using a sifter is for digging piles that are under muddy water .


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          nice point in that pic
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            Okay ifin you want to make it sweeter then take all you have found and throw it into the creek then play easter egg hunt; )
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              It'll be sweeter. If you take all that you found throw it in the creek. And I'll put it in a better home.