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How to know if you're in a legal area?

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  • How to know if you're in a legal area?

    I live in northern Virginia and I'm surrounded by battlefields, which as you know are federally protected. So where can I go to find out where I'm allowed to metal detect in my area? Thanks!


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    The battle fields that are federally protected are marked as parks or protected areas, no?

    Aside from that, any areas that you have permission to search, I would think would be ok...but I’m not sure about laws in VA, except for the crazy speeding laws y’all have.
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      Check through some of the posts located on these pages, they will give you some idea of what is legal and works in Virginia.
      Remember though, always get permission.
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        Greg pretty much nailed it with his reply.
        This is one of his links, and it lays it out for you in very simple terms.
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          Cool! Do you live near Culpeper? I was born and raised there for a while. My parents lived there for years, and he metal detected all the time.

          Research, research, research. Always research an area. If you are into Civil War relics, find old maps, diary's, and talk to the land owners. Don't pass up old houses. The soldiers camped ot near old houses sometimes, and at the very least, stopped for a visit (or raid). Once you find a potential spot, ask permission. My dad has found hundreds of relics just by knocking on doors, asking about the history of the property, then asking if he can metal detect. Don't be shy. Just ask anybody in a Civil War area, or anybody with an old house, etc. etc. etc.

          Once permission is gained, always be courteous and caring about the owners property. Shut gates, fill in your holes, and don't leave the junk you dig on the surface. This is one of our favorite tactics. Give them some vegetables from your garden, give them something you baked, or if you can't cook, offer them a few of your relics. This shows that you are thankful, and almost guarantee's the fact that you are allowed back.

          Like I said above, just don't be shy. Always ask. The worst they can say is no.

          Have fun!
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