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Historic Era Native-made Iron Arrow Points

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  • Historic Era Native-made Iron Arrow Points

    These seven Native-made iron arrow points were found in the late 1980’s on a campsite located on a small spring fed creek.

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    Trade points! I would love to find one of those. Are the iron ones more common than brass? I might in March, but I doubt it.
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      Those are really cool examples of Native ingenuity! Must have took alot of time to craft each one of those points using nothing more than stone tools I imagine?! I think Charlie shared some literature on how brass kettle points were made, I'm guessing these were made very similary with a little more "elbow grease" perhaps lol. Thanks for sharing!
      Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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        Hey Dick, Those are some real nice trade points. In the U.P. copper points were made long before the Europeans showed up but I haven't seen any trade points from this area.
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          Nice. Who finds em more I wonder ...metal detector people or stone hunters..any idea?
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          • 11KBP
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            I have never found a metal point visually. All of my metal arrow point finds were with a metal detector.
            I would say the metal detector people definitely find way more metal points than the stone hunters.

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            Red, I have seen some killer brass or copper points found in far eastern Ct. by metal detectorists. Just one reason, a big one, lol, that I wish I had got into that hobby as well. I believe I have been blessed to find two metal triangles surface hunting over the many years. In these parts, they would date to the 1600's.

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          How do you tell the difference between trade points and NA made metal points?
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            I must say that those are quite well made points. The people who crafted them were very talented.
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