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  • Baker COA?

    Has this guy been on this site at all? I'd love to have some discussions with him...then ask him to leave LOL. I do not buy artifacts but I look at sales. There are loads with his "COA" and the one I looked at today (and many others) on eBay for a Moustache Simpson is disgustingly wrong IMHOP
    Professor Shellman

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    Some people will do anything for a few bucks.
    Michigan Yooper
    If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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      Not likely to see many people who sell paper chatting it up on this forum for several reasons. The biggest reason imo is because if you post and read regularly you figure out how much you don't know. People who are making money off of there own "expert" knowledge don't want to be exposed as anything less than expert. But of course if you do your research and look at all of these coas floating around, they read more like resumes, lots of bad resumes...

      Simple things like material types being wrong or not matching location and typology errors are some of the easiest to spot indicators when web browsing. And of course the g-10 phenomenon... Price can also be another indicator of fraudulent items...
      Josh (Ky/Tn collector)